intuitiv richtig – Psychologische Beratung
Dr. phil. Peter Flury-Kleubler, Psychologe FSP, Einzel- und Paarberatung, St. Gallen


Tariff and Conditions

Ordinary sessions last 50 minutes.

For first sessions, couples sessions and lifespan integration sessions, I plan 75 minutes in order to give you enough time.


per 50-minute-session: CHF 150,00

per 75-minute-session: CHF 225,00

My offer is addressed to self-pay clients and – as a rule – will not be reimbursed by the health insurance.

If a session is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, cancellation is free of charge. Afterwards the full fee will be charged.

You can choose between two payment options: invoice or cash payment.

Option 1: Invoice

You receive an invoice by the Ärztekasse. In order to use this option, you are asked to bring your Swiss Health Insurance Card (the Schweizerische Krankenversicherungskarte KVG) with you.

Option 2: Cash payment

You pay cash after each session. You will get a receipt.

Health insurance companies are not obliged to participate in the costs of psychological counselling. However, sometimes they do so on a voluntary basis.


Additional information about invoices by the “Ärztekasse”

  • Privacy: The “Ärztekasse” is a cooperative of health service providers. It is not a health insurance company. To the “Ärztekasse” I do neither transmit any data about the topic of sessions nor any diagnoses. The only information transmitted regards the date and duration of sessions.
  • The invoice issued by the “Ärztekasse” is standardised. Therefore, it always mentions “illness” as the reason for the psychological counselling, even if its purpose is health promotion and coping with challenges of life.

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intuitively right – Psychological Counselling

Dr. phil. Peter Flury-Kleubler, Psychologist FSP, St. Gallen, Switzerland