intuitiv richtig – Psychologische Beratung
Dr. phil. Peter Flury-Kleubler, Psychologe FSP, Einzel- und Paarberatung, St. Gallen


Your Needs

Humans need more than air, water and food. All of us need contact, appreciation, trust, autonomy and love. Does life here and now satisfy your needs?


Safe place

Do you have a place in the world where you feel safe and secure?



Do you feel comfortable in your own body?

Can you sleep well?


Yes to yourself

Do you feel OK and lovable? 

Are you in accordance with your own values?


Self-confidence and competence

Do you trust your own skills?

Can you have an impact on the world?

Do you feel your joint responsibility for this world?


Nurturing fellow human beings

Do other people mean well with you?

Are you appreciated for who you are?

Do others respect your personal and physical integrity?



Do you feel emotionally connected when meeting other human beings?

Do you get in pleasant physical contact with other humans?


Feeling held

Do you feel connected to a greater whole? 

Do you experience meaning when feeling connected?


Whenever one of these needs is not met for a long time or even violated, ones vitality is inhibited. This can be deeply unsettling. I accompany you in strengthening your vitality in order to stand up for your needs.


intuitively right – Psychological Counselling

Dr. phil. Peter Flury-Kleubler, Psychologist FSP, St. Gallen, Switzerland