intuitiv richtig – Psychologische Beratung
Dr. phil. Peter Flury-Kleubler, Psychologe FSP, Einzel- und Paarberatung, St. Gallen



How couples feel depends on each partner and the couple relationship.

The couple relationship is something separate, which is more than the two partners themselves.

If difficulties arise in a relationship, it is important to distinguish individual issues of each partner from couple issues. It may be a big relief for both partners to recognize for which issues they are responsible themselves and for which issues they are not.

A special challenge arises when a pair relationship becomes a triangle, because one of the partners openly or secretly enters into an external relationship. This is associated with injuries to all persons involved – and a chance.

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intuitively right – Psychological Counselling

Dr. phil. Peter Flury-Kleubler, Psychologist FSP, St. Gallen, Switzerland